Dementia Care

Home Care

The three units all individually cater for the needs of Dementia clients. They have been doing so for many years. There are staffs trained to an excellent standard to understand the individual needs of Dementia service users. Most of the key staff workforce has been working at the units for many years giving them experience in this area.

Dementia service users require a more unique approach to care they require more patience, consideration and a more diverse approach to care. This care has to be done with thought and planning.

We now place a unique Dementia care plan, which we have recently devised in order to ensure that the client’s mental health needs are a focal point in their care. The Dementia care plan is around activities and focuses on activities in and around the homes.

Our service is individual and unique then other homes whilst many homes are struggling to care for this client group we have successfully cared for this client groups for many years and will be doing so in years to come. The Managers at each site have the experience training. Working with community members such as GP, mental health teams, physios, and other professionals the package we offer is a success.

We would like to think then when one has worked hard all their lives they deserve cherishing and looking after.