Residential Care (3)


We are a small ‘family feel’ and ‘home from home’ company who own three Care Homes in the United Kingdom. We specialize in all forms of dementia from mild to moderate but we do accommodate all different people who require our help to achieve a level of independence while in our safe and secure environment and cared for by our compassionate and friendly staff.

We believe that everyone who uses our services are unique, they deserve the special care and attention that any of us would like for our loved ones. We devise a plan to suit all of the individuals needs and if they require any special treatment, we try to make sure that this is carried out to their wishes.

We also provide freshly prepared meals where choices are available. We can cater for varied dietary needs such as Kosher, Halal or a celiac diet. Diet is a vital part in a patient’s health ensuring they have the correct diet to their liking.

All of our Braemar Care Residential Homes run regular activities e.g. outgoings for community services, such as church visits and pub meals. The homes also have regular trips to the theatre and the seaside. The residents benefit from having a fulfilled range of activities internally.

We also have activities such as bingo, indoor quizzes arts and crafts and outside entertainers and internal entertainment. All Three home also host tea and coffee mornings every Wednesday where anyone is welcome to enjoy the company of others.


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